Rise of the Unemployed (Article)

The Jerusalem Post has published an article of mine titled, „Rise of the Unemployed“. Here is a small excerpt:

„Upcoming elections and uncertain economic times present an opportunity for the unemployed to rise up and establish their own political party.

Israel is going to hold a new election in September as Prime Minister Netanyahu failed to form a coalition. There is no guarantee that the situation will improve after the next ballot. A different approach is needed. A political party created and led by the unemployed might bring the long needed change not only to Israel’s political landscape, but also to the rest of the world.

The current unemployment rate in Israel is at 3.5%. At the same time, Israel’s electoral threshold is set at 3.25%. The correlation of these two numbers is highly significant. It means that the minimum share of the primary vote, which a political party has to achieve before they can enter the Knesset, is about the same as the nation’s unemployment rate. With other words: Israel’s unemployed can vote themselves into the Knesset!“

You can read the entire article HERE