The idea for the „Reading saves Lives“ – Initiative originated from a short-lived political party, the Austria Alliance, founded by Christoph Topitschnig.

In 2013, parliamentary elections took place in Austria. Because of the high amount of corruption and incompetence displayed by the ruling political class, new political parties were launched in the hope to replace the establishment. One of them was the Austria Alliance.

Purpose of the Alliance was the protection and support of socially and economically disadvantaged people and groups, especially of women and children. But after some severe internal problems the party had to be disbanded before it went public.

Using the digital entertainment industry in the fight against poverty was one of many objectives of the Austria Alliance. Out of this idea came the “Reading saves Lives“ – Initiative into existence.

The Initiative was planed in summer 2013 and a pilot project was started on the 12th November 2013 with the release of the E-Book ENDGAME – The Tragedy of Kings and Pawns written by Christoph Topitschnig.



Like the “Reading saves Lives” – Initiative, the Austria Alliance was part of the Spengler-Experiment.