Endgame Cover_Final


Endgame –

The Tragedy of Kings and Pawns

Author: Alexander Winethorn

ISBN: 978-3-7427-6450-8

Genre: Novel

Pages: 450

Version: 3.0

Format: EPUB, MOBI

Release Date: January 2018

Price: 9,99 €

Language: German only! (For now… )




After the great economic collapse, chaos spreads all over the country. Corruption, injustice and mass unemployment lead to demonstrations and violent uprisings. The conflict between the citizens and the government reaches its climax. An entire nation is in danger of falling into anarchy.

The story follows four people and their struggle to protect not only their ideals but also their very lives. In one night, when the line between reality and fantasy begins to blur, the fate of an entire nation will be decided.

“Endgame – The Tragedy of Kings and Pawns“ is a modern fairy tale about the coming financial crisis.


An economic collapse is inevitable. Uprisings and demonstrations in Egypt, Brazil, Ukraine, the Euro Zone and even in the USA are only the beginning. The imminent change of global hegemony is upon us.

The novel tries to capture the zeitgeist and themes of the present situation.



Only available in German language. For now…