RELEASE: Double album “Expand & Revolt” by the New Synth Order

Expand + Revolt – The Book of Synth (Volume I+II)“ are instrumental concept albums loosely based on John Milton’s epic poem “Paradise Lost”.

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Expand – The Book of Synth (Volume I)” tells the story of the almighty Synthgod, who created Crystal Eden, a digital paradise. Its inhabitants, 0 and 1, live in blissful ignorance until their encounter with Krultron, the Arpeggiator. He despises God’s new creations and seeks their destruction. Krultron successfully persuades the couple to hear the forbidden track from the tree of sound and music. After their sinful act, all 32 members of the Coder Council decide unanimously to expel 0 and 1 from paradise. In the meanwhile, Krultron is preparing for the Great Synth Revolt…

Revolt – The Book of Synth (Volume II)” continues the story of Krultron’s rebellion against the Synthgod and his banishment into Techno Hell, where he is plotting his revenge. His ultimate goal – to bring Armageddon to our world – can only be challenged by Moshiach. Their final confrontation will lead to the Age of Synth!

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Composed, mixed and produced by Christoph Topitschnig (alias Winethorn)

(c) all rights reserved